Rapid Reviews

Cochrane Response works in partnership with the Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group to deliver rapid reviews tailored to the knowledge needs of commissioners.

We understand that policy makers and healthcare stakeholders are increasingly seeking rapid access to high quality evidence to inform decisions, and rapid reviews can provide a practical solution for a range of policy decisions. Timelines are reduced by using abbreviated review methods, focused questions and shorter review formats. 

We work in collaboration with the commissioner and the Cochrane Methods Group to identify the process and methodology most appropriate for the project; based on understanding the required timelines, resources available, complexity and sensitivity of the research topic and the policy context.

Our close working relationship with the Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group ensures we have methods expertise on hand throughout the project, and can advise customers on the appropriate use and potential limitations of a rapid review to inform your healthcare decisions.

The Group is coordinated by both the Ottawa Methods Centre based at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and Cochrane Austria.  Chantelle Garritty is the Group's contact convenor. Co-convenors of the Group are listed here: methods.cochrane.org/rapid-reviews-methods-group-co-convenors