Targeted Updates

What are they?

Targeted Updates are targeted four-page documents that use Cochrane Reviews as their foundation, but focus on updating only one or two important comparisons, and the seven most relevant outcomes.

The final choice of comparisons and outcomes are made in consultation with the commissioner and Cochrane content experts, including the original review authors and Cochrane editorial team. 

Cochrane methods are used so that any new data can then be used by Cochrane review authors to facilitate a full Cochrane Review update where appropriate.

Click here, to see an example Targeted Update.

Targeted Updates are accessible evidence reports produced in a short timeline by using focused questions, a short review format, and Cochrane methodology.

What’s included?

The report includes an updated ‘Summary of Findings’ table, a detailed plain language abstract, and summary evidence statement. The search results, risk of bias assessments, analyses, and references are made available in a supplementary report.

Targeted Updates are customizable, and analyses can be included in the main report, along with other information that needs to be readily available in your evidence reports.

Case studies

Targeted Updates have successfully been used by the Australian National Blood Authority and Norwegian Health Directorate as an efficient and cost effective way to update recommendations within their guidelines. The Targeted Updates also allowed them to commission updates for questions of interest when their PICO differed slightly from the Cochrane Review.

“Our Targeted Update was a joy to do. It took about four weeks for the Cochrane Group to produce the update, which was extraordinary; and was of really high quality.”
Jennifer Roberts, Director Clinical Evidence, National Blood Authority.

Targeted Updates helped Cochrane Skin to prioritize future work. The commissioned Targeted Updates indicated that there was no need for a fully updated Cochrane Review, and helped to accelerate the updating of a large Cochrane Review within which there were rapidly developing interventions that could be targeted.

“I love the format - easy to read and fit for purpose.” 
Professor Hywel Williams, Co-ordinating Editor, Cochrane Skin.

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